Must See TV – Tool Academy
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Tool Academy is sooo bad, it’s hella good.
I can’t even front, I laughed like hell at this show, but take my advice, don’t watch it with a girlfriend cause they tend to empathize and want to hit you and stuff.

But seriously, why should I feel sorry for good-looking women who chose those cads as boyfriends? Those guys are complete tools.

My favorites so far are Mega’s girlfriend, Margo; Krista (Tommy’s girl) and Jenna, who’s with that creep, Matsuflex.
If you missed the Premiere, catch it on one of the umpteen re-runs; it’s worth it.

[VH1 recap]

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  1. I completely agree that this is must see tv. From the preview, I assumed the show was going to have a completely different plot, but boy was I surprised.

  2. Sup Paula?
    I was CTFU at this show. VH1 has done it again!

    1. Steupz, I totally agree..I am so into this show, the previews did not do it justice!!! If you need a recap girl for this show, hit me up. I have know a gut like every one of these chumps, and can not only tell you it happens every day to sweet pretty caring females like me, but feel the need to end the cycle and educate my sistas (and you ignorant brothas!)! Not only to see what thay are NOT seeing, but stregthen their souls to get over and out. I was stuck in this ‘playa relationship’ and can share alot!
      I only love this show because it exposes alot and us girls need to be taken away from these types and have the stregth to land a real man (NOT REAL,LOL). For those who are sickof the VH1 shows that exploit T&A, Give this show a chance, its Dr. Phil on steroids!

  3. There are women who have warped mentalities just like these men. Do you think they should have another season only with women?

  4. Keep your eye on Rob, he’s the only one who doesn’t strike me as a complete tool. Also, the dude with the fat girlfriend (nothing against fat people, it’s a unique trait on Vh1)? She’s just as messed up as he is.

  5. this show is hella good and just like flavor of love 3 and rock of love 3 half way through they bring in 3 new guys. lmao

  6. well… this is coming from the same person who said that nikki didn’t look half bad…

    soo im a lil bit skeptical.

    hahaha im just kidding, i’ll watch it.

    1. “well… this is coming from the same person who said that nikki didn’t look half bad…” Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. I’ve been watching this, and it does seem interesting…I’ll be keeping tabs on it.

    Although I think they really need something like this for the ILNY guys, too. lol

  8. I beat the hell out of myhusband after we watched this last night!!!LOL, there was def no lovin going on after we saw this!!!

    1. I love how by bringing couples together, they’re accomplishing the exact opposite.

  9. i caught it and was pleasantly surprised! the guys were expected assholes and the girls were whiney and stupid for letting their guys treat them like crap. watching this made me thankful that my sweety isn’t some meathead and that I’m able to stick up for myself.

    im kinda wondering if it’s staged though, by watching next weeks episode. they KNOW their girlfriends are living in the house and that they’re on camera, so why would they flirt and say they’re not taken, when they know they’re being watched and are just going to get chewed out?

    to be fair, there should be a girl’s version of this. and not some whimpy “diva academy” but “BITCH academy” cuz they’re too many bossy chicks around.

    1. I’m guessing the hidden camera stuff happened before they thought they were gonna be on Tool Academy.

  10. See — I don’t know, they must of tranq’ed those women or the women are also complete tools. But considering Dmitri’s girlfriend went home with him, they must be.

    See me, there would have been no staged pansy slap like Tiny Tool got. (I love the “Tool” names – it reminds me of the smurfs) My slap would have knocked someone’s eyes right back into their head and then I would have taken off my earrings, asked for some grease, and gone to town.

    Seriously though this is so fake, because I don’t know of any of these women. All the women I know, would have basically left with their bf’s balls, but I guess for $100k people do anything.

    I mean the men make the women look like fools and it’s (almost) a shame. But someone’s got to do it — I’m glad it’s not me :)

  11. One thing I do want to know — what is a Matsuflex and why would you want someone to call you that?

    And, yes, Clarence is not the most fabulous name in the planet, but the best you could come up with was “Celebrity”?

    Did’t nicknames used to be short and easy?

    1. The first thing that came up when Googling “Matsuflex” is “Mateflex”…a flooring site.

      Take that as you will.

  12. I think Matsu is a last name. He did look like he could have had an asian influence.

  13. I caught bits and pieces of this show.
    It sucks. For now anyway.

  14. WHATTTT – can someone please clarify this.

    Someone shot me an e-mail saying this.

    Hey! Have you seen the new I Love $$$$ commercial??? It shows .Saaphyri doing some challenge, and it said “with the return of some old friends” and it showed Entertainer and Heat and then it showed Craig (he’s the host again?) saying “We’ve brought in a couple of special guests to help judge this challenge. And then Your girl Megan and Brandi come around and then it cuts to a clip of Megan saying “bye bye” to someone and like two girls trying to attack her and grab her face, but they’re getting held back while Megan laughs hysterically.

    Has anyone seen this?

    1. I havent seen it yet…

      Is it a reliable source or someone messing with you?

      Well anyways, I hope this is real, but i dont know…

    2. I saw it after the ROL Bus early episode on Sunday morning. I believe my company will show it at an opportune times to generate buzz. You will see it more frequently since COL has had there finale..Keep your eye on it with upcoming re-runs

  15. I actually like this show.

    I kind of wish, though, my boyfriend thing was on this. *sigh*

  16. Jess if it’s a hit you better believe there will probably be a TOOL ACADEMY 2

    1. And I will be the first to apply.

  17. I liked the show….so far.

    When the guys thought they were going to party with a lot of women, but instead their girlfriends walked in..the look on their faces was priceless.

  18. Matsuflex is probably “Japanasian”
    He def has a Japanese background and matsu is a Japanese word

  19. I’m not watching this show. I’m definitely not amused with disgusting, ugly ass retarded guys and the stupid ass, low-self esteem having, equally unattractive women who love them because they somehow can’t live without a man.

    1. switch men and women around and you have Flavor of Love. Point?

    2. I’m sick of that too. Anything dealing with the concept of love and relationships pisses me off.

  20. I’m surprised actually at the reactions of the girls after they found out that their boyfriends were cheating/sleeping with other girls. I mean, take Jenna for example, she found out that her boyfriend slept with another girl 3 days ago? I would have gone bat shit crazy on his ass! The only girl that actually did go crazy was Ashley, and the only thing Josh said was that he liked to party and go out. That doesn’t deserve a slap in the face compared to what the other guys said! Good golly.

  21. I think that The Tool Academy is 200% fake…

  22. I watched it, but I definitely think the wrong person was sent home first. The guy who flipped out and threw the chair should’ve went b/c he wasn’t even trying.

    As for the girls… there are some pretty ones, but they only girl I like is the bigger chick. All of these girls are sitting there watching these video tapes of their boyfriends talking shit about them and admitting to cheating on them and they’re all sitting there crying. The bigger chick slapped that shit out of her boyfriend and I was like HELL YEAH. That’s my bitch. I would’ve beat the shit out of my boyfriend right there. So kudos to her for not sitting there crying and wondering why like the rest of those idiot girls.

    1. um except her boyfriend did nothing wrong on his tape. He said he wanted to party, which bugged her out for some reason. That chick was actually the only one I thought was going too hard on her boyfriend. I agree, though, about most of the girls. If I were a chick I’d flip out on my guy for cheating on me.

      1. That’s probably why I wouldn’t go on the show — I would commit homicide on national television.

      2. that slap was a pussy slap — it’s like the producers said — oops we have to make this believable, let’s have one of the girls hit one of these losers

      3. I think she hit him because he said how he has trained her to do everything like clean and whatever else he said

      4. That’s a different couple.

      5. That couple was just ridiculous. She had all rights to go totally ape shit on him.

  23. If I was there I’d like to slap Krista. I can’t believe she sat there and said her boyfriend lives off her child support. So the money she gets to take care of her child, she spends on that piece of shit boyfriend. What kind of mother is she?! Fuck her. I don’t like her at all and she deserves everything she gets.

    1. She sucks. Tommy kicked the ice bucket or whatever, chucked his beer, and threw his chair out of anger and he’s like “yeah I’m gonna pick up this heavy chair and throw it because I’m a man and you’re gonna like it.” Cut to her looking shocked, impressed, and horny. She did like it. This show is ruining women’s image, it’s ruining men’s image, it just sucks for everyone. Yet, like Krista, I love it. What a conundrum.

      1. You’re right. She probably wanted to strip naked and screw him right then and there.