AJ’s Top 10 Worst Horror Movies Of 2010
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Rich from the VH1 blog and Tyra Sanchez
Not that I am linking horror movies to Drag Queens but before you link over to Rich’s Year In Posts you must stop off at AJ’s list of the 10 Worst Horror Films Of 2010.

Yet to see that A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010

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  1. I LOVED The Descent Part 2! I thought it totally lived up to the original. This definitely doesn’t deserve to be labeled the worse horror film of 2010. The writing was a bit iffy but all in all it was a great film. Frozen was pretty good too. Nothing special, but I wouldn’t dare call it the “worse”.

    I do AGREE about A Nightmare On Elm Street. Too gray, slow, and flat out boring. The effects couldn’t match up with the effects from the ’84 original, nor could the kills! Now that’s SAD. They definitely could have just dumped this on the SyFy channel. This movie was such a huge FAIL. The dream sequences all took place inside of Freddy’s dreary boiler room so there wasn’t an opportunity to take viewers on an interesting voyage. Just plain dull. Skip it unless you want to fall asleep.

    My Top 5 Films of 2010-

    1)For Colored Girls A+
    2)Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 A+
    3)The Lovely Bones B+
    4)Machete A++
    5)The Crazies B

    Splice was a wild ride. Very dark science fiction film that is batshit crazy. Resident Evil Afterlife was good 3D brainless fun! The Descent 2 was amazing.

    1. The Lovely bones was this year?
      That seems like so far away. But yeah, that was top notch… the first hour or so was masterful in my opinion.

      I am not a horror fan but I see AJ copped it from someone on that Descent movie, so who knows.

      1. The Lovely Bones opened in some theaters in December of ’09 but meh, I still consider it to be 2010 since thats when I saw it, lol.

      2. Plus if it’s up for any awards it would be this up coming season it got recognized because don’t they do a cut off in November?

      3. Avatar of the Year by the way. I would love to meet her.

      4. LOL!

    2. No spoilers Khi but as soon as a film introduces a factor that should be impossible even within the world that film has created then it becomes a Who Shot John.

      The most famous example is Bobby’s return to Dallas.

      The Descent “‘s howler is just as ludicrous.

      You’ll know what I’m on about if you’ve seen the original Descent.

  2. Oh, I recently saw The Chronicles Of Narnia 3 with the kiddies and it was really good. First film is a classic, the second film was kind of dull, but the third is nonstop action. Lots of fun. The 3D was cool too (even though I heard it was post converted). It added a nice amount of depth without going overboard.

    I hope they make one last Narnia film. There are seven books(3 of which focus on the characters in the films) but I still think the next should be the last. Even if they stop at this one I won’t have any complaints, it was a very satisfying conclusion to an awesome trilogy.

  3. OT for a sec: steupz if you’re still living in London it will be 2011 in an hour and 10 minutes….so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

    To all my bourgy family….the ones I’ve known for a few years(EA, Khi, Josh, CL, Corey, Will-Lynn, CSO, Kenri) hope I’m not leaving anyone out AND to all the ones I don’t know…HAPPY NEW YEAR. Be safe and sane guys.

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    2. The same to you Joann. Happy New Year for you and your loved ones! Love you!

      1. Happy New Year, Khi.

      2. Happy New Year to you too Steupz!

    3. Happy New Year to you to Joann and to teh rest of the Bourgy Fam Peace and Blessings!

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  6. Futter, just completed “Breaking Bad”. You have to get on it!

    1. Me too. All I heard was “A show where The Dad from Malcolm in the Middle is selling meth” and I was sold. Solid program.

      1. The transformation of his character was superb.

        Happy New Year Miry

  7. I don’t like most horror movies; but a recent one that I saw that I did like a lot was “The Crazies”. It really went all out and over the top with every single scene. I also liked Drag me to Hell a lot. Horror can be cool when the movie is not just about a killer trying to kill every character in the movie.

  8. “Scream 2 was bad” WTF?!? -___-

    1. Scream 2 is my baby. I hold it above the original.

      1. Sometimes I think its better than the first and sometimes I don’t lol I cant decide 😛 what do you think of the 3rd one Khi? I really don’t consider it to be bad as everyone thinks, I think it’s pretty entertaining /:

      2. LOL, S3 used to be my favorite when I was younger but then I grew up and realized why others hated it. It’s definitely not up to par with the first two but I do think some people take their hatred for it over the top.

        Man, can you believe it? It’s 2011, Scream 4 in 2 months!(Not counting this month or April) wooo!

        Happy new years Jose!

      3. I know SCRE4M (I really hope they don’t release it written that way) and Cars 2 are my most anticipated movies for this year. 😀

        happy new year Khi! <3 haha

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    I miss CJ.

    Oh and Jose, re Scream 2, not everything about it was bad; Jada, Sarah Michelle. I’ll post about about the whole series before the new movie comes out.

    1. Ok link me whenever you do lol 😛

    2. A.Jaye Happy new year!