True Blood Season 5 Pictures
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Law and Order, Supernatural and Spartacus provide actors for Season 5 of True Blood.

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  1. On twitter they are saying the Ashley fighting on this video is the same one from bgc 9: But idk it can be her without make up up & extension, but idk
    Video of girl “Ashleyy” fighting :

    Ashley cast picture:

  2. Ugh, True Blood. One of the biggest disappointments in television history.

  3. EA i have a question for you, what ever happened to that show that was supposed to be on vh1 called mama drama? I was really looking forward to it. I hope it wasnt cancelled

    1. They still haven’t set a premiere date for that (actually it’s a lot of shows they announced months ago that they haven’t set premiere dates for).

      Seems like they keep pushing them back for Mob Wives and all the Mob Wives spinoffs (The Chicago one is starting 2 weeks after the one on now ends and they probably might shuffle in Big Ang’s show when Tough Love ends) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they start burning more of those other shows off on Wednesdays because none of those shows are going to be on Mondays.

  4. OT: Real Housewives of Atlanta has started filming season 5

    Kenya Moore rumored to be newest housewife but who is the other one?

  5. Natalie has been tweeting heavily about her marriage recently along with Kristen who was a bridesmaid.

    1. Kristen from BGC 5 is friends with Natalie and a bridesmaid?! I heard the wedding was a pubilcity stunt aka fake because Natalie is still trying to get her own show on Oxygen!

      1. Yep they tweet eachother a bunch and took a lot of photos together. They even got wraps to lose some inches off the waist. Go to their twitters.

  6. Chelsea, FA Cup Champions

    Chelsea wins the FA Cup

  7. FA Cup Final

    1. You non-Americans and your soccer.

      Yes, I said soccer.

      It’s apparently a thing. When I was overseas I got into a tiny bit. I love Chicharito.

      1. POh hell no, a United fan?
        Chicharito looks like a lesbian. I pretty much hate the guy.

      2. Ew Manchester United.

        I still can’t get over last year when that team and their douchebag fans came to Chicago and caused all kinds of havoc downtown because they were like standing in the middle of the street trying to take pictures of everything and holding up traffic (was the hottest weekend of the year too that I had to be downtown. smh)

  8. Did anyone post the BGC9 cast pic? If not, here it is:

    1. Who’s that guy?

    2. She put on some weight

    3. So her marriage is legit not a publicity stunt?! Maybe Natalie will finally calm down and mature! I just hope this guy can handle her crazy ass! I hope the wedding gets shown on Oxygen like Tanisha’s!

      1. From what I’ve been reading online at several sites, the wedding was created so taht she coudl be on another show. She tried to get producers of BGC to pick it up but they didn’t want it. So she filimed her wedding for Bridezillas

  9. The guy if I am not wrong is a football or basketball player

  10. TIred of HBO recycling old actors and actresses!! Havent seen the homie above since OZ. I skip that cop show he’s on. heh. Ah well.. ABC. CBS, TNT..etc etc. do it too. Specially w/ old LOST characters and Saved By The Bell ppl.

  11. Kristen at Natalie wedding