Got Valtrex?
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Paris Hilton and Snooki at the MTV Awards
Paris and Snooki at the MTV Awards and the valtrex connection is explained in the video below…

[Credit: Matic and Massie]

11 Responses to “Got Valtrex?”

  1. Is it me or does that Snooki chick look like an extra tan Chucky doll?

    1. She looks adorable, like Bugs Bunny adorable.

      1. Yup. She also looks much better without the poof.

  2. I wish it was Snooki and new guidos.

    1. I would rather it be Jwoww and new Guidos :)

      1. Like guido juicehead gorillas?

  3. Boy Drew really needs to dominate the conversation.
    Whose “minimum standards” were these psych tests and Valtrex pills requirements from?

  4. at least they’re playing safe. They should let that stuff be known. Kids need to know that even these foolish reality show people are drug tested and take care of STDs.

  5. I normally like Dr. Drew, but I would have beat his ass for interrupting me like that. Sure you are probably the most interesting person at the table, but let the other people get out what they have to say. I mean as a psychologist aren’t you suppose to be able to listen to others, let them get their point of view out, or is that something bogus just like the psych tests? :/

  6. I have been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they get these people? They’re from another planet!