VH1 Announces Fall Program: No Shows From 51 Minds
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Ambre Lake

VH1 announced its Fall lineup via TVbyNumbers.com and there isn’t a single 51Minds show among the lot.
That’s not surprising given the cancellation of ‘I Love Money 3′; so one should not view this as further evidence of separation. In fact, we know ‘I Love New York 3′ is approved and For The Love Of Ray J is in production.

The Entertainer Of Love will begin shooting soon, I expect.
Why? Because all that cunt ever twits is ‘Off to the gym’, ‘Just got back from the gym’ and ‘So tired after my workout’.
Clearly he is trying to look as buff as possible, when he should really be working on his personality.

Other than that, Classy is still showing her ‘class’ and Adrianne is still showing her ‘zits’.

Before I exit though, you should know my Twitter and you should follow me cause I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh upon VH1 except through me’.
But besides that, this week is Top 10 week (albeit a day late). Each day/night/evening whatever a Top 10 (or perhaps two or three) will be published. Hopefully it’s entertaining and you enjoy it. But if you don’t, what are you gonna do, uh? What!?

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127 Responses to “VH1 Announces Fall Program: No Shows From 51 Minds”

  1. The program sucks ! I agree with what that guy said

    Iโ€™m embarassed for VH1. I remember a time when this channel was worth watching. Obviously several horrible reality shows and a murder later we are far from any quality on this waste of space.

    My thoughts , exactly .
    > Amber looks good on that pic

    1. Is that supposed to be anti-51 Minds?

      1. What is?

      2. Anti-Endemol :)
        I mean , VH1 used to have great shows , back in the days .. and they were still produced by 51 Minds

      3. ILM1/2 were great. ๐Ÿ˜€

        I think VH1 should revolve around ILM. I think it’s the most loved and anticipated series on VH1 next to FOL.

      4. I Love Money 1 was good , I Love Money 2 was a’ight .. The editing still kinda sucked , IMO . But that’s just my opinion . I really didn’t like the fact that they’d put some footage(drama , for instance) on the supertrailer and then never show it .

    2. She does.

      1. I first thought that it was some kind of promo pic lol . Like , “Amber Of Love coming up soon” or something lol

  2. There’s something about her face that makes her look really old. The photo’s already photoshopped to death and completely wrinkles-free, but she still looks old as fuck. I think her face is too thin.

    1. It looks like they tried to make her look evil .

      Btw V , did you see this ?

      1. Yeah, but not that version with Lily and Rufus (the two adults).
        The photo shoot looks like crap, imo.
        I miss the older promo pictures. ๐Ÿ˜

      2. Vanessa used to look so much better ๐Ÿ˜

      3. I told you like 10000 times that I watched season 1 lol
        But I don’t know , I think she looks better with her curly hair .

  3. Thanks for the Classy pic, steupz! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. You’re welcome, lol.

      I thought you meant Ambre at first, and I was like ‘Damn, GSO changed or something’

      1. I don’t care much for Ambre nor anyone else (except for Brittanya) from ROL.

  4. I think it’z a bunch of bullsh!t dat VH1 iz tryin 2 cancel ILM az a whole becuz dey don’t want any negative press from it. Like by ILM7 da media iz still gonna be thinkin about ILM3 ::sarcasm::.

    1. No ILM, no VH1 for me.

      1. Same here. Also VH1 can rot in hell for punishing 51Minds when DEY DIDN’T HAVE SH!T 2 DO WIT RYAN AN JASMINE’S ISSUES OUTSIDE THE SHOW!!!!!

  5. What ever happened to that weird 51 minds show, the one where they had an episode recorded in front of a live audience like a week ago?

    1. I guess they’re working on it

  6. Let’s all boycott VH1!


    1. I’m wit ya LOL! RCOL2 iz sorry, My Antonio iz sorry, T.O. Show has ended, so i’m cool wit dis!

      1. “RCOL2 iz sorry”

        Not getting rid of Blonde Baller makes the show sorry.

        “My Antonio iz sorry”

        Barely watched it and why bother having the ex-wife there anyway?

        “T.O. Show has ended”

        Saw the finale. Mo’s such a bitch.

  7. So I LOVE NEW YORK 3 is approved, eh?

    Wonder if New York would show me more love than Megan did?

    1. …….No.

    2. “Wonder if New York would show me more love than Megan did?”

      You’d be one brave bugger if that’s the case.

      1. LOL @ GSO….”Youโ€™d be one brave bugger if thatโ€™s the case.”

        Ain’t that the truth.

      2. LMAO!

        And Donald, beware the Black Gaurdian …erm…Sister Patterson! Beware! BEWARE!

  8. U should go on LOL!

  9. I don’t care what they do as long as Frank show goes through. LOL.

    I know I’ll be getting a lot of flak for this but hey…it is what it is. lol.

    1. I’m on da opposite end an hope it gets scrapped for sumthin else.

      1. LOL…I understand Graffiti….everybody on this board hates Frank but me.

        I really did not want him to have a love show though.

      2. Exactly, he should’ve got the “Goes To Work” theme! He always talks about movin out his parents basement and gettin a good job, dat’s a fuckin start right dere!

        Since when has Enterloser REALLY cared about love anyway? Buckwild,Destiney, an Pumkin were jus raggedy toys dat u throw away becuz you tire of ’em.

      3. My thoughts exactly G.

      4. Reality TV doesn’t need anymore busted up Buckwild/Destiney/Pumkin-wannabe cunts.

        I probably wont watch an Entertainer love show.

      5. You and me both Joann. I got nothing but love for Frank.

        Who’s doing the recaps for me and Joann?

      6. Why isn’t his show scrapped yet?!

      7. There are no murders involved yet, duh!
        Too soon? Sorry

      8. “There are no murders involved yet, duh!
        Too soon? Sorry”

        More or less

    2. I don’t hate Frank. I don’t think it should’ve happened though, this love show. But on a positive note, it could be worse.

      1. It IS worse.

  10. Am I the only person here who is actually excited for the fall programming( save for Eddie Griffn’s show)? I, for one, was starting to get sick of all the 51 Minds shows..

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to wait for some more concrete evidence that ILNY3 is going to happen, instead of going off of what a producer said to an audience member in an attempt to placate them. (Sorry Char.) It doesn’t make sense that they would just run off at the mouth like that about ILNY3 when they have a history of trying to keep things as secret as possible. (The recent ILM controversy comes to mind.)

    1. That’s not true Jess. The producer was the one that first revelealed ILM2 to the ILM1 reunion crowd… also he revealed the one about the “Battle for your own reality show” show they’re working on…and Charm School 3. They always talk about upcoming shows at the reunions.

      1. Well, we haven’t heard anything else about the ‘battle for your own reality show’ show yet so… :/ And this wasn’t revealed at a reunion, but at the Date Traders taping.

        I’m still skeptical.

      2. The reunion and the taping is the same setting. Mark and Chris come talk to the audience and talk about upcoming projects, talk about the lawsuit for revealing any spoilers, etc.

      3. I’m not doubting that at all. I’m just saying that I’m not gonna get my hopes up until I hear more. Char said the producer was working on it and working on it can mean anything.

        I just don’t get how they want to be so secretive about the ILM3 outcome and suing people for revealing shit, but then freely talk about something that we haven’t even heard anything about yet.

      4. They weren’t secretive about it. They confirm the shows, but won’t go into detail. They confirmed ILM3 at the ILM2 reunion showing. They’re good with revealing what’s coming up, but won’t go into detail as to who’s apart of it, etc.

    2. “Am I the only person here who is actually excited for the fall programming?”

      Ironically, you are not alone.

  11. I have hope for it. Since ILM iz fucked up at da moment its like da only good dat can come out of da next year.

  12. 51 Minds is VH1.

    VH1 has no other purpose right now.

    1. Pretty much.

      1. VH1 is nothing without 51 Minds.

        51 Minds saved VH1, for fucks sakes. It had horrid ratings and I don’t think ANYONE was an avid VH1 viewer back then because they only featured (mostly underground) music videos. It was like MTV’s little bitch.

        As soon as 51 Minds came, VH1’s ratings sky rocketed (by 35%, I think) and found it’s viewers. The ‘of Love’ shows and the spinoffs has a cult following, imo.

      2. I was. :/

        I liked Behind the Music and Pop Up Video and the Surreal Life.

        51 Minds is killing VH1 now, imo. The viewers they used to have, they don’t have anymore and the of Love shows are getting old.. As witnessed by the horrid ratings of DoL and MWAM.

      3. Surreal Life IS 51 Minds.

      4. But it wasn’t VH1.
        The first season of the Surreal Life was on the WB (which is now the CW).

      5. Behind the Music/Pop-Up Video are good an i’m glad BTM iz back. However, wut else otha dan those 2 did Vh1 have? NOTHIN. VH1 SHOULD be thankin 51Minds if anything.

        Plus dis whole Ryan fiasco iz bringin people in 2(jus bein honest).

      6. How, though?
        My Antonio got 800K the week that happened… which was worse than DOL.

      7. My Antonio isn’t 51 Minds. :)

      8. I know but I wasn’t talking to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was replying to GS when he said that the Ryan fiasco is bringing people in.

      9. Wut I meant wuz dat pre-2003(or wheneva SL came on), WHO talked about VH1? NO ONE. Around here it wuz known az da boring channel while evrybody looked at BET or sumthin else.

        Wut I also meant about it bringin more people iz dat now it got mega news companies(CNN, Headline News)talkin about it. Since when has a VH1 show of any sort been talked about on da news?

      10. “The first season of the Surreal Life was on the WB (which is now the CW”

        After season two, VH1 picked the WB’s trash and it became its treasure.

    2. I think 51 Minds is ruining VH1. :/ Especially with their umpteenth of Love show that we’ve seen before coming up.

      1. Bad ‘Of Love Viewer’ Award!

        Lol, ‘ruining’ VH1. Yet I don’t think anyone even tuned in on VH1 before Surreal Life (51 Minds’ first project).

      2. How? ‘Cause I’m sick of them?

        They are ruining VH1. MWAM got 900K viewers on the last episode aired, DoL didn’t get much more.

    3. “51 Minds is VH1.”

      *poor Peter Griffin inpersonation* Ah, that’s a shame.

  13. I think MAYBE 51 Minds/Endemol and VH1 were kinda on the outs with each other even before the MWAM tragedy happened.

    We were all talking about how the shows were going from bad to worse(seems like they didn’t care what they put on TV) and maybe the tragedy drove the last nail in the coffin between these two. They dumped the rest of MWAM and ILM3 because Ryan appeared on them.

    51 Minds/Endemol could be honoring their contract for the remaining shows they had with VH1(since Ryan does not appear on these shows) and after that they go their separate ways.

    I know the above article said in part: “so one should not view this as further evidence of separation.” but something tells me it is.

    1. “I know the above article said in part: โ€œso one should not view this as further evidence of separation.โ€ but something tells me it is.”

      Seems slowly, but surely obvious

    1. Redemption from wut? WHO talked about VH1 or even watched da damn channel b4 51Minds came along?

      Otha than BTM/Pop-Up Video NOTHIN wuz eva on VH1.

      1. I don’t think that’s the point GS. You have to look at the bigger picture, here. 51 Minds produces trash television, you can debate that all you want but that’s what it is.

        Nothing was ever on VH1 because reality TV didn’t start to really boom until Strange Love in 2005, and VH1 was mostly a MUSIC channel. Like they actually played music videos and the non-music video programming was about music, like the channel Fuse. You say it like VH1 was anything other than a music channel before 2003 lol.

      2. Good point, but reality TV boomed wit da arrival of Survivor in ’01. It’s jus dat CBS knows how 2 really market their sh!t, which iz why Survivor iz now on Season 20, wit applications for season 21 comin up LOL!

        MTV played vids az well back then. BET played em all day(dey really need 2 go back to it), az well az VH1. But at da same time, people knew about dose channels. If I were 2 ask sumone about VH1 in ’02/’03 dey might look at me crazy. 51Minds made VH1 more popular wit people, made dem step out of da box, put em on dey own sh!t LOL! If u get wut i’m sayin.

      3. TBH, maybe that’s just your area. ‘Cause up here people know about VH1 back in the day.. Me and my friends would watch Pop Up Video before school. The local movie theater always had VH1 on their TV screens in the lobby. Behind the Music as well as PUV have had countless parodies and satires.

        I’m not disputing that 51 Minds made VH1 more popular, I’m just saying it’s not like VH1 was like a nothing channel. MTV and BET people know about because they play commercial, mainstream stuff. MTV played pop music, while BET catered to a whole culture of people’s music taste. VH1 was for softer rock and pop, adult-contemporary music.

      4. It wuz LOL! Its a culture thing 2, az i’ve been watchin BET all my life. I don’t anymore doh cuz it’s crap(otha dan College Hill.)

      5. Exactly, but I’ve never in my life watched a minute of BET so I can’t tell you if I think it’s crap LOL.

    2. Yeah, there was a post about article already.

      It just seems fake to me. Like why did it have to take a woman getting murdered before you think “Okay maybe we’re not putting on such good programming after all.” Money talks, I guess.

      1. Oh, thanks jess, I didn’t know it had already been posted.

    3. Since the Ryan fiasco, I saw this coming.

  14. Well no more VH1 for me at all now. I was hoping for ILM4, but oh well.

    1. Well, it did say Fall lineup. I din think ILM4 wuz comin til like Feb.-April(ish).

      Sup Khi?

      1. Hey.

        I was thinking that they might would have ILM4 take ILM3’s place in October. Guess I was wrong. I’ve already stopped watching VH1 last week, I guess I’m going to continue on not watching.

  15. Pretty much evryone has. But I wuz thinkin ILM4 would come once all of dis chaos dies down completely.

    MTV has equally trashy programming. A Shot At Love iz known az like da trashiest show EVER, and Real World JUST got back 2 being more meaningful.

    1. And they’re back to being trashy, after Cancun.

      1. Cancun izn’t az crazy az I thought it would be. I know when it wuz first announced people thought, “Oh sh!t, here’s Las Vegas part 3!!” But it’s been kinda mellow on da whole slut party thing.

        DC izn’t goin 2 be meaningful? I thought it prolly would be.

      2. I think it might but I have a feeling it won’t be.

        And kinda mellow? There was a threesome in the last episode lmfao.

      3. But it’s not az bad az Vegas still. Dey had one da 1st night LOL!

      4. thankx 4 da FOL: CS videos

        that first episode was absolutely halarious and brought back great memories

        WE NEED MORE HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. You’re welcome. :)

      6. “WE NEED MORE HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        Yeah……..with a bag over her head

      7. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        not 4 eye candy 4 entertainment; dat 1st episode da whole thing with the apple and her breast was halarious

  16. I don’t think it’s entirely 51 Minds’ fault. From what I understand (and I could be wrong about this), 51 Minds proposes a show and VH1 either approves or denies it. I blame VH1 for approving stupid “Of Love” shows, such as Daisy of Love and whatnot.

  17. Alright, alright, alright I have some ‘news’

    Although I’m NOT sure how credible this is… but I tend to think this is true.

    I was just told the whole hold up with ILM3 /MWAM is this…

    51 Minds planned to release it ONLINE… until Vh1 said they wouldn’t host the show on their server, so THEN their plan was to either release it to iTunes or through DVD (like we’ve all been saying) they ARE allowed to do that since it’s their show, Vh1 just airs it. The only problem is, Vh1 is trying to stop this because they think even though they have nothing to do with the release, people will still automatically connect the two together, so basically they’re threatening 51 minds to NOT do it, probably by saying they’ll end business with them.

    That fucking sucks. I hope 51 minds can work something out.

    1. WTF??!! VH1 iz jus….ugh!!

    2. the only reason im remotely interested in ILM3 now is because of the new changes………..assuming credible source is actually CREDIBLE lol

      other than that the hype saying that this ILM was “the best” or “the craziest”………….I’m like how many times have I heard dat about the other shows that proved otherwise

      da only thing im pissed about is if they scrap ILM3 and never let it see the light of day……………

      ILNY3 here i come

      1. I wish I wuz old enuff 2 try out myself LOL!

    3. I was suspecting this to be the case. But I’m feeling pretty sure that we’ll be able to watch ILM3…the only question is: when?

    4. Assuming any of that is true people should think of this……if you’re 51 Minds is it in your best interest to sell 2 shows or keep a contract where you can produce many more?

      If 51 Minds were to release both shows on their own and VH1 holds to it’s word that they would sever ties with 51 Minds, what network would respect 51 Minds business decision enough to make a contract with them and air the 2 finished shows they have (FTLORJ2 and ILM4) and the 2-3 shows in the works (The show they just taped Friday, the Entertainer’s Show and ILNY3) along with any future shows they decide to make. It most likely wouldn’t happen because no network is that desperate for programming that fails to pull in at least 2 million viewers on VH1 at this moment when plenty of other networks have a full stable of shows that already perform well for them.

      So the question you must ask yourself is do you cut your losses and lose 2 shows or do you risk losing at this point at least 4 shows and quite possibly an entire franchise forever?

      1. I agree 100%. U opened my eyes EA LOL! But at da same time we don’t even kno about ILM4 eitha.

      2. I guarantee some programs would air the shows. There’s SO much buzz and hype surrounding both series right now that some networks would look at it as a ratings goldmine.

      3. It’s not really as large of a goldmine as you think. Controversy has not been particularly kind to these types of VH1 reality shows and it really looks bad on a network to have a stronger than usual start and fall off as the weeks go on than to have a mediocre or even paltry start and stay at that level or a little bit lower for the remainder of the season.

      4. damn EA, you know what the hell you’re talking about lol

        I never saw it that way but I would have to agree with the statement that 51 minds is not gonna piss off VH1 just for 2 shows. MWAM was doing bad with the ratings anyways.

        And if another station were to pick up 51 minds, which one would? Maybe Fox Reality…?????

    5. The end is nigh for 51 Minds

  18. VH1 is such a little puss. *giggles*

    Yeeeaaahh. =|

    1. I have a feeling this isn’t VH1 being a puss as it is Viacom (their parent company).

      1. Whom iz so power/money hungry dat dey have to control EVERY gotdamn thing. Wut wuz da harm in postin vids of episodes on Youtube? Why even cause a big fuss ova sh!t like dat?!

        Money really iz da root of all evil, yet people need it.

      2. It’s a corporation. I’m willing to bet they don’t even give a shit about the fans, they just want to make themselves look good.. Which I can kind of understand.

      3. i agree with Graffiti; like how much money can you lose when people post episodes of unaired shows on youtube………

        itz just complete bullshit all around

      4. If it comes to that, they deserve what they get, imo.

  19. Yeah I think I’m done with VH1. To be honest, I haven’t really watched it since MWAM. And now that they canceled our other favorite show, I’m done. I’ll just stick to watching TB online for the next few weeks.

    1. Me too. I can’t watch RCOL, I fell asleep in the middle of the 2nd episode and the girls are just getting faker and faker and more typical.

      I gotta admit though, I might watch Entertainer’s show just to look at him because he is good eye candy.

      1. his parents would make me want to watch but I REFUSE SINCE THAT SACK OF SHIT’S LAZINESS IS BEING REWARDED!!!!!!!!!!

        just can’t respect a man who refuses to work and then he thinks he’s some sort of BIG SHOT

      2. Yea I can respect Megan for not wanting to work because…well she’s Megan. But this guy’s attitude is foul. He keeps talking about how he doesn’t care what people think about him. Yeah guess what, you’re not that important for people to care about.

        I wish his mom would ground him for life.

      3. hahaha. Yeah, Entertainer really don’t deserve a show. On the real what the hell does he have to offer a bitch. but shit, I be havin’ dreams about tha guy. He is a hit it and quit it dude.

      4. lol @ a female saying hit it and quit it

      5. haha, aiight den maybe I should of sed “Fukk it and leave him”.

  20. I’m watching Chelsea Lately and this chick from TB is on tonight.
    Her name is Rutina Wesley.

    1. Thanks Roxana!

      That’s Tara… I’m so goddamn pissed I’m not 21 ’cause her and the guy who plays Lafayette are hosting a Fangtasia-themed party in Boston soon and I wanna go so damn bad.

      1. Tell me about it, Jess!
        I live in CT and I would be SO there if I was 21!

        My boyfriend said he was gonna go, and I just gave him the look of death like, “don’t you dareee!”

  21. About Corey saying its Vh1 that is trying to stop 51 Minds and fighting them to get the shows to never be seen isn’t that what credible source was saying? i’m starting to believe credible source more and more… i hope he/she posts here again real soon. I really really really hope 51 Minds releases the shows regardless. I remember Credible Source saying after their contract is done with Vh1 they want to take their business else where anyway… kinda scary how were watching the fall of this partnership right before our eyes.

    Char, if your reading i think once the petition reaches 1000 it would be a good time to send it to 51 Minds, NOT vh1.

    1. Don’t you think that it’s strange that one day he “doesn’t know” the full cast but gives us the obvious ones that we already knew. Then today he tell us he can’t give us the full cast because it’s “classified”

  22. Oh yeah and until then IM BOYCOTTING. If you really want to still watch the shows.. just watch the full episode the next day online so their ratings go down. BEST IDEA EVER ITLL SHOW THEM. *mwahahah*

    1. Won’t work though

  23. Since I watched the first two seasons of I Love New York, I’ll most likely watch the third season. The same goes for the second season of I Love Ray J. PEACE!!!

    1. K BI.

  24. I just noticed Amber looks like a monkey

    1. I thought the same thing, lol.