VH1 interview with Rece Steele (Miss Rap Supreme winner)
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Rece Steele is Miss Rap Supreme and she spoke to VH1 on her time on the reality show, her career, and life after winning.

I should remind you she won $100,000 along with the cheesy title. Hopefuly she got the cash prize when the show was filmed months ago; because with the economy as it is, 100k is worth about three tanks of gas and a breast implant.

Anyways, here’s an excerpt of her interview thingy…

Chiba, in a roundabout way albeit, suggested that you need liposuction. Is there pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty, as a female rapper?

I’ve lost 20 lbs., since the show. Chiba didn’t have to tell me that. Any flaw that I have, I’m already aware of it. Will I let it stop my day-to-day? Hell no. I know plenty of other people who have a gut from having a baby. It happens. Do I think that you have to have a perfect shape to be in the business? No. It’s all about the way you carry yourself. After Twist left, I was the biggest girl left in the house, but I never had any particular feelings about the others being smaller than me. I guess it’s just my confidence.

And speaking of Chiba, although you did avoid drama for the most part, there was the incident that involved you swinging a chain in her direction…

Yeah. I didn’t mean to do that. Part of it was being away from home. And then Chiba and I had a couple of confrontations before that even went down. I was just really tired of her. I really wanted her to hit me that day, and I am not a violent person. It’s rare, but I lost my cool. But I saw Chiba recently, and I gave her a hug. I don’t want any negativity with the girls. I’m not trying to bash them in the ground. I want everyone to succeed. It’s hard out here for us. I respect all of these girls. Even if I didn’t like how Chiba sometimes went about it, I respected that she had a mission. I think as women, we just need to unite. Some of the girls aren’t as grinding as hard as they should be right now. The show ran for eight weeks and I saw that eight weeks as a time to get out in the industry, to get yourself known, get some contacts, get to know labels and A&R people, get to red-carpet events. I tell the girls to get out there and do that

More of the Rece Steele interview…

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  1. First!

    Ouch @ the lipo question…although is Rece hits like a size 8 or 10…she will be unstoppable…with that face and those lips….very sexy…and she wears a little make up even with all that gangsta she spits so it will be a good combination…go Rece!

  2. But Chiba said Byata said that, no?
    I mean she may have lied, but why would Rick buy Byata’s story over Chiba’s?

  3. I think questions about weight are always kinda rude.

  4. And size.

  5. I guess that’s kinda rude too.

  6. Especially during the act, lol.

  7. You and I are thinking about 2 completely different things right now.

  8. What are you fantasizing thinking about?

  9. I’m not going to let my current thoughts be known right here.

  10. wowwww I thought Miss Cherries was going to win. And if not her then Byata.

  11. well is Vh1 history is any indicating – the winner never gets the full prize, its always the runner up that gets the most burn.

    lets see what happens.

    i like rece though so congrats, at least someone from ny got it.

  12. But Byata was times better.
    I could barely catch the words Rece spat.

    Then again, Byata’s rhymes did not seem ‘fresh’ to me.

  13. Rece won’t sell…unfortunately….hip hop has evolved so much and her style and flow is very mid 1990s NY…she will probably be underground or make one pop like single in order to make a video…I’m not saying I wouldn’t buy her album, I am speaking from a business point of view…Miss Cherie was probably the most marketable as far as style…but with her criminal record and pending case(s), there would be many legal restrictions that could make a record label weary…

  14. Cheba was the most marketable, the look, the flow, and the style

  15. y wasn’t homegirl Persia invited back to this show?

  16. Persia *was* on the show this season… in a matter of speaking. If she wasn’t on t.v. then she was definitely on the VH1 extra clips. Go to the site and check it out.

    Byata may have a future in the studio, if not behind the mic. I doubt that she will earn enough black hip-hop cred as an emcee, but… her flow might earn her gray hip-hop cred… enough to sell some records. Hey, gray folks put Vanilla Ice on the map — no offense intended for gray folks for being gray, just for putting V. Ice on the map. I’m not sure just yet that she is Slim Shady material, though a good producer willing to take a chance could certainly pull it off for at least one hit.

    Much props to Rece Steele, though sex is still part of the industry; not sure if she can pull a big girl thang off; and she don’t look like a size 8 or 10; not sure what ya’ll are looking at; maybe up top, but on the bottom she appears to be at least a 12 or 14. Anyway, her flow and size reminds me a little of Lady of Rage, and Rage was awesome. But, a hard female flow is hard to sell unless she’s selling sex too, and Rage was not. Latifa had a producer that stuck with her like glue — 45 King. Dre pulled out of Rage like a quick one. It comes down to the industry. Like Hazel said, the underground scene might be for Rece.

  17. CL….I said if she dropped down to a size 8 or 10….

    And to my knowledge, didn’t Persia lose weight? I met her after that show and she was a sweetie pie.

    Dorfam, Chiba has a gangload of tats (not pin up friendly) and she isn’t comfortable taking off her dark shades because of her eye so that is already a no-no.

    I liked many of the ladies on the show but as we all know, the music biz is shady, judgmental and shallow as hell…

  18. My bad, Ms. Hazel.

  19. I thinkg Chiba’s tat’s give her that sexxxy Rob n Big “dirty girl” look…lol

  20. Any opinion on Chiba’s breasts?
    Just for the record, lol.

  21. Well, the Bourgy site was poking my right eye out up until this morning… but ever since the columns were swapped, the site is it poking my left eye out. Either way, its the 3D nature of the boob and nippleage. Doesn’t help that it’s on a 62″ monitor.

  22. A what??!!
    62″ !!!

    Dat’s more inches than ‘All Dat Azz 17′

  23. Now THAT was HEE, Steupz!!!! Whatchu know ’bouts da #17?

    Sometimes the 62″ works out to a disadvantage though. Can you imagine the eye jammies that I would catch when you posted pics of Tik’s butt??? [makes frowny face] That’s just too much ass. [gestures arms out wide]. And, since Bourgy is known for posting such great resolution shots (send check to…) I could tell that her ass was primarily all mus-cull, as Popeye would say; very little bounce to the ounce… ass tighter than ?uestlove’s drum — not a good thing.

  24. Dude tell me about it; whenever I see those things I just stand and stare.
    One of these days; one of these days I’ll have one.