Cameron Adams Tests Positive For HIV
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This is one of these posts that in the back of my mind I knew it could happen realistically but kinda hoping that it would never ever happen. The reason I say this is because this is one of those rock bottom moments where you hate to see that this person is one step before the definitive end of the road. I can be cruel in recaps and in general but I have a conscience so believe me when I say that I’m not surprised but it is a damn shame that this girl ended up like this.

Before I get to the story let us all take a trip down memory lane in the story of Cameron Adams (Her aliases include Harmony, Ryder and now currently going by the name Cameron Bay). As we all know, Cameron started off on season 1 of the VH1 show Tool Academy where she was a suffering girlfriend to a habitual cheater. Her time on the show ended when her now ex-boyfriend was eliminated from the show and she dumped him. On the show she made a friend named Jaimee (Better known as one of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses) and they hung out and partied together as was typical of what these girls do when they get off of their shows. Some time after that she got into the adult film industry and she made some movies in Arizona. More time passed and she became an escort. As recently as a few months ago she went to California and got deeper into the adult industry and now this week she confirmed to the New York Daily News that she has tested positive for HIV and that she is devastated by the news. So there you have it. You can either read the article or you can go straight to her Twitter  (Twitter link is not safe for work, life or morality and you better be over 18 before you click that link. The NYDaily news article has clean photos but I assure you that they aren’t very pleasant to see especially if you remember what she used to look like).

4 Responses to “Cameron Adams Tests Positive For HIV”

  1. Started this week SMH and ending this week SMH.

  2. Damn shame…complete devastation.

  3. I didn’t watch Tool Academy, this is jus’ sad to me. PEACE!!!

  4. I loved her in Tool Academy, but wow, things have really gone down hill for her. Very sad indeed. She used to look decent back then, so will be interesting to see how she looks like now *goes to click*