Mz Berry Rules As Top Earner In Appearance Fees
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Mz Berry: For The Love of Ray J
Seems getting into a hot-tub and playing with Ray J’s penis takes you far… Oh sorry, that’s this week’s Wet Wednesday.

Anyway, one of our favorite websites claims to know what stars make in appearance fees and the VH1 girls dominate in the ‘Reality Show’ category.

See for the full list, but the names below interest me.

As you can see, there’s no Hot Wings; she makes her appearances in court for free.

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  1. This list is too damn funny from top to bottom…..especially the bottom though where the VH1 people are.

  2. Mz Berry’s skin is fantastic in that pic; but would you really go to a Club because Mz Berry is there?

    1. Hell no.

  3. Curren$y makin way more money than that I believe since his concerts aren’t included.

    Deelishis still sh!ttin on everybody and she hasn’t been on an actual not cancelled show in 4 years.

    Who the FUCK wants to see bald-headed azz P.S.?!

    I’m surprised the Ultimate Catch girls are in demand.

  4. How much do the slores that make porn make per video/cum shot?

    1. Why do you want to know?

      1. I’d like to know how much their dignity cost. That way if I ever wanna get one of my boys a present, these cheap hoes would do the trick.

  5. Lawd hammercy at that whole list. Full of filler.

    1. Lawd hammercy at PS making more than Doll when she won the damn show. LOL. I love Doll and everything, but that shit is funny. lmao

  6. Also, Luscious wuz on this list.

  7. Mz Berry is more expensive than Danger? That’s not right.

    1. This is a shocker! I thought Danger being proclaimed as Baldy would get the ball rolling. Guess not.

  8. RT @VH1iNFO: Mz Berry rules in appearance fees among VH1 women according to The YBF @vh1mzberry -That site is WRONG lol
    15 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    Whats funny is that every girl they have on that list is upset.

    This new show called Money Hungry is gonna be soo good. Cant wait!!!
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    1. She so fuckin stupid. Still promoting the company that put her azz out of business. Can’t stand Marcia.

      1. Lol Crystal (ultimate catch) kinda reminds me of her.

      2. Is it because they latina?

      3. They sound the same and kinda look alike.

  10. Upset about what?

    1. I know right? They should be proud someone wants to pay them THAT much but embarassed that the total is so low.

      Seriously. Who wants to pay them anything to show up for a party. They aren’t real stars. They should pay to get in clubs like everyone else because they don’t offer anything except their presence.

    2. Clearli they want to seem/say they make more than what the site is suggesting they make. They look cheap compared to everyone else on the list I guess.

  11. You all be surprise on the people that want to see them at parties plus alot of them are doing magazine and videos.

    I havent seen any of them do any high profile stuff but atleast they are working.

  12. Yeah but what are they upset about?

    1. Nigga y u acting slow today for? They upset because the site have the figures “wrong”, and supposedly they make more than that. So they upset they looking cheap as fuck.

      1. If you didn’t use the word ‘supposedly’ I’d take your comment more seriously.

        When you ‘know'; tell me.

      2. nigga stfu and kiss my ass. It’s supposedly becuz that is wut they claiming and they lying as hoes.

      3. lmao… lemme know when you know something.

      4. i’l let yu know shit when ur dumbfuck spell wears off.

      5. And how are you gonna know when it wears off?

      6. When ur ass starts comprehending shit ppl say.

      7. It’s just ‘you’, don’t bring people into this.

      8. No it aint just me motherfucker, yuve been askin dat “y they upset” shit and ppl be explaining and yu still stuck on stupid. So yeah,let me know when yu off dat shit.

      9. :::passes rattle:::

      10. ::::passes shiny object::::

      11. *lmmfao!

        Get ‘im, D.


      12. Oh shit, how yu know?

      13. ::: falls off chair laughing :::

  13. Shoot maybe I need to try to be in one of those shows. When are they casting for chance show I might go and try out for that. LOL

  14. Maybe they upset because they dont want folks to know how much they are supposely getting paid to do a event.

    Shoot even rat face kat stacks getting 2500 to host parties in Atlanta. Why?

    Steups also did you know some of them are getting paid by tweeter to post?

  15. I don’t know that to be true. You’d think they would be pushing a product if that were the case.

    1. yeah I think Kim Kardashian gets $10,000 a tweet to advertise a product. But they won’t let her tweet every day about it, obviously.

  16. If Kim K or linsay lohen can get paid 20g to tweet they sure is doing the samething. Maybe not 20g but they getting paid to tweet sponsors.

  17. steupz, it’s burns to have to have to hold on to a Slippery Wet Wednesday for nearly a week huh? want me to wait till the tuesday before next time? lol.

    1. You know?

      Twice I’ve thought of dropping that pic with Luscious’ sweet butt cocked in the air.

      1. thank u 4 refrainin

    2. “steupz, it burns…”

      ::: arches one eyebrow :::

      Y’all might want to go see a doctor about that.


  18. Montel Jordon gets $5,000? Plus Rider?

    The only way that guys balls could be any bigger is if the rider says “Don’t ask Montel to play This Is How We Do It.”

  19. People pay for the Ochocinco girls? What a joke..

  20. Lawddd, now Mz Berry thinks I meant her in the opening sentence.
    I didn’t expect this post to be that big of a deal, but now we have all of this and DL is acting like she got let out too soon.

    1. dats wut happens when yu only think with yo dick, motherfucker.
      And it aint my fault yu actin like fucking It and shit

    2. She should be happy to get ANY promotion right about now, seein as how my Deelishis ain’t been on TV in 4 years yet she gets the same amount of money(probably more).

  21. so im guessing they’re going for a 2nd season of you’re cut off?

    does it really need one?

    1. It was the only new show this season I actually found entertaining. Dad Camp was ok, and OCD was a bore.

    2. I only watched 3 maybe 4 episodes of that show. The chick with the blond hair who always wore a tiara reminded me of Meagan, not from the way she looked, but her attitude and that monotone speaking voice of hers. No reflection in her voice at all…never…ever.

      You know who would probably be good on this type of show for next season…Veronica.

      Didn’t she say a couple of years back her folks had money…and wasn’t she trying to get on some other reality show but was too young at the time?

      Her parents could pretend to cut her off, just like these parents did and she could finally get her wish. I think she would do good. Probably be as hated as Chrissy…jk Veronica in case you should happen to read this.


      2. Seriously steupz…wasn’t she trying to get on some reality show???? Now that I think about it wasn’t it the BCG?

      3. Yes that, but she never had a chance. She’s too young.

      4. Sorry..meant BGC…lol.

    3. …been giving half an eye to You’re Cut Off, and I find this show actually entertaining… and better than BGC. I would like to stick with the 2nd season, but am first hoping for Matic to cover the finale.

      1. I’m not writing shit on this show. The only thing I’m gonna post about this show is the ratings tomorrow.

      2. ::: nods @ CL :::

        @ Matic:

        Dammmnnn, don’t hold back, now; tell em how you really feel…

      3. ::: and nods back @ Mel :::

      4. Muffucka you are killin’ with that avatar.

      5. Dayum, you called me maffucka. Dat’s an honour (brit spelling). My avi, today, is dedicated to the Trini-Brit brilliance of Jodie Williams. Take a look, folks.

  22. Here is some more Jersey Shore news….Vinny sleeps with Angie. (How did i not see this coming?)

    1. they show dat on the trailer, he also fucks snookie. those hoes get passed around in the house

      1. LOL! They getting passed around like college term i usually hear “Seasonal Hoes”.LOL

  23. I don’t like Ms Berry’s hair cut but I still thinks she’s pretty.

    Ok…I don’t know what the hell that list means up top. First of all…what’s a Rider…and is the money amount listed what they each get paid for hosting at a club? I know what OBO means.

    I wonder why New York is not listed.

    1. Joanne, you still gunnin’ for New York? LOL. You have to admit that her planned trip to “Calcutta” is a switch, no?

      1. LOL…I have to say this CL…I very, very seldom, talking about my my entire life here, actually HATE on anyone…I may not like certain people but the emotion of hate does not come into play EXCEPT for NY and Tila Tequila. I hate both of them with every ounce of my being and don’t feel no shame about saying it.
        Didn’t read about a trip to Calcutta….what’s the reason?

      2. New York says she wants to give back. I think Steupz embedded 2 NY (OT) vids recently in a couple of posts, and she mentions “giving back” in each one, I believe. I thought that you may have seen that shit, and I thought that after all these years you might let her slide on an ounce or two of hate. LOL.

      3. will never happen. Give back what???? Skank just talking out the side of her neck AGAIN. If you ask her what she was giving back she wouldn’t know what to say.

      4. LOL, Joanne. Fair enough. Fair enough. To be honest, I do not recall her actually saying what she would be doing to give back. I think the trip is in September or so, so we’ll have to get Steupz to post the thing to judge the results. LOL. You have been killin’ me (and I probably you) for 2 – 3 years on the virtues (if any) of Miss Tiffany. We’ll see.

  24. I hope steupz will post it. I REALLY want to know what she’s giving back. If it’s something worthwhile I will apologize for saying she was talking out the side of her neck….lol yea right.

  25. She gon’ give back that Indian hair in a trade in.

    1. LoL.

  26. Im surprised danger didnt get that much..thats crazy deelishes hasnt been on tv in years..and PS(pure sex)? are you serious mz.berry is to